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Windows Server Failure

“Extremely glad to get our data back. Many thanks. We were almost literally at a standstill without access to our server, as most of our important documents and data were contained on it.”

Ben Stone, Reading

We received a server containing a 2TB Western Digital hard disk drive and a 4TB Seagate hard disk from Reading at our offices in Oxford. Our data recovery specialists examined the drives revealing that the 2TB hard disk drive was still operational, while the 4TB Seagate drive had suffered a read/write head failure. The failure of the read/write heads was most likely due to the server running consistently at a high temperature.

Using donor parts our hardware engineers were able to overcome the failure on the Seagate drive. Sector-by-sector image copies of both drives were secured to servers. The 2TB Western Digital hard disk drive was imaged with about a dozen unreadable bad sectors encountered during the process. The 2TB Seagate drive was found to have suffered approximately three thousand unreadable bad sectors during the imaging process.

Our data recovery specialists analysed the two images. On the Western Digital disk drive was found a pair of 500GB NTFS partition and a 1.5TB volume, while the Seagate drive was found to contain a single 4TB NTFS data volume. The bad sectors encountered on the first disk were found to have only affected the Windows Server boot volume, which contained approximately 290GB of system and application files. The 1.5TB volume was found to containe approximately 750GB of assorted databases and office documents. Analysis of the 4TB volume found it to contain approximately 1.6TB which also contained a couple of very large databases, several virtual machine images, backup archive files, scanned image files, photos and videos. As scan of the recoverable data from the 4TB drive revealed that half a dozen files had been affected, including a database transaction log file, a couple of old archive files and about a dozen scanned documents.

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