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Windows Server Data Volume Failure

“After installing a software update on our server, our volume containing our virtual machine images failed to mount. An engineer examined our server, but was unable to fix the issue and recommended sending the hard disk for data recovery. Many thanks for recovering all our virtual machine images fast and efficiently.”

Richard Childs, London

We received a 4TB HGST hard disk drive at our laboratory in Oxford from London. An examination of the hard disk drive by our hardware engineers revealed not problems apparent with the drive. Our data recovery specialists secured a sector-by-sector image copy of the hard disk drive encountering no unreadable bad sectors during the process.

An examination of the secured image by our data recovery specialists revealed a single 4TB partition was allocated on the drive. When the boot sector of the NTFS data volume was examined, it revealed corruption to some of the key values. When the Master File Table was analysed it revealed a couple of entries had been overwritten with null data. It is unclear why this had occurred, but almost certainly happened during the shutdown process.

Our server recovery specialists were able to overcome these issues and analyse the NTFS file system. This analysis revealed approximately 3.2TB of virtual machine images, all of which appeared to be intact.

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