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Water Damaged Server

“Our server survived an office fire, but got drenched while the fire was being put out. Excellent service and great advice. Many thanks for recovering our files.”

Bill Corey, Birmingham

A pair of 3TB Red Western Digital hard disk drives arrived at our laboratory from Birmingham sealed in airtight containers. When a hard disk drive become flooded or inundated with water it is important that they are kept wet, as was done in this case. If hard disks were allowed to dry out, any contaminants in the water can cause corrosion where they become deposited.

Our hard disk data recovery specialists gave both drives a thorough clean before drying all the components and rebuilding the drives. This allowed them to secure sector-by-sector images of both drives. During the imaging process a handful of unreadable bad sectors on of the drives.

An examination of the drive images revealed that one drive contained two partitions, a 1TB NTFS volume containing Windows Server operating system and program files totalling 200GB and 2TB NTFS data volume, containing several virtual machine images approximately 1.3TB is size. The second drive contained a single 3TB NTFS volume which contained approximately 1.7TB of data files of assorted office documents, photos and video presentations. The unreadable bad sectors on the drive containing the operating system only caused damage to a few system files on the boot partition. Luckily the files contained on the other two volumes were unaffected by the unreadable bad sectors, allowing a complete recovery of all the critical data.

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