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SSD Server Drive Recovery

“Thanks for recovering a couple of extremely important databases from the SSD boot drive of our server, which hadn’t been backed up. Following a power cut we found our UPS did not work and the server would not boot afterwards. Without the databases we have been unable to produce any invoices.”

D Shaw, Birmingham

A 250GB Samsung SSD drive arrived from Birmingham at our laboratory in Oxford. An inspection of the SSD by our hardware specialists determined that the power surge when the power cut occurred had caused the controller chip to blow, leading to the drive not to appearing in the BIOS. The chips on the drive used to store the data where located, with the raw data imaged to our servers.

Using our software the raw data from the chips was de-interleaved to create a virtual volume which our data recovery software could process. A 250GB NTFS Windows Server boot volume was found, which contains 185GB of data, including the operating system files, installed software and a couple of database files, which were returned to the customer.

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