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SQL Server Recovery

MSSQL and MySQL database servers can be affected both at the software level and at the hardware level. A seemingly reliable and critical server database can be running fine one day and then suddenly the server reports failure. This can be a serious crises for any business relying on this type of system.

Commonly the failure can be at the hardware level where the SQL server hard disk fails due to bad blocks on the disk, read write head failure, electronics failure or at the software level where the SQL server database itself becomes corrupt or inaccessible. Any of these failures can bring down the server.

The damage to company productivity because of no access to your data can very quickly escalate. DiskEng SQL server recovery specialists have recovered data from these events. We have recovered corrupt SQL database data from hard disk drives damaged through corruption and physical damage.

MSSQL server database stores data in a (.MDF) relational database file, while transactions logs yet to be committed to the main database file are stored in (.LDF) files. Both these files can be affected by corruption and result in data loss. There are a limited number of options available for complete recovery of corrupt MDF database files before a MDF file restore can be successful, each can be very complex but without expertise you can cause further data loss affecting the tables, records, views and indexes.

DiskEng recommends to prevent data loss, avoid DIY SQL recovery software and shut down the server database and contact our SQL server recovery specialists for successful recovery. Below are some of the most common recoveries we have carried out recently.

SQL Database Recovery

  • SQL server crash recovery
  • SQL database failure
  • SQL database restore
  • MDF file recovery
  • MDF database repair
  • MDF file import
  • SQL server disk recovery
  • SQL server drive repair

SQL Data Recovery Help

DiskEng SQL server recovery specialists with over 15 years experience can recover corrupt, damaged or inaccessible SQL database files. For SQL database recovery speak to our SQL server data recovery experts on 01865 469468 or complete and submit our online SQL server data recovery quote form.

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