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Server Will not Boot

There are many reasons for a server to fail to boot up, which can be due to a wide variety of different problems. The major problems are either due to hardware failure, or logical corruption of the data held on the drive which is required to boot the host server operating system. These can be a simple issue, or range through to complex problems which in the worst case could result in a complete loss of data.

If the problem is the result of a hard disk drive failure, it is important to avoid making repeated attempts to boot the operating system, as further damage may result. This is particularly relevant for a hard drive which is making clicking or scraping noises, as these are associated with physical damage. It is therefore important that the server is powered down and the failing drive sent for data recovery.

Determine the Failure

It is important to determine the exact nature of the failure to avoid further damage being caused to the data on the hard drive. This is particularly important for a severe hardware fault, such as the drive not being recognised by the server system, which require professional data recovery.

For a drive, which is seen by the server system, but fails the boot up, such as hanging or displaying a message such as “operating system not found”, it is almost certain that serious hard disk drive issue has resulted. Should the hard drive be making audible clicking noises the drive should be powered down before seeking professional data recovery assistance for your server system. If the problem is not the result of a hardware problem, it is most likely that important data structures stored on the disk necessary for booting the operating system have become corrupt, which will also require data recovery.

Server OS Boot Failure

If the server operating system hangs during the boot process, it is due to a problem while accessing the data held on the file system. Such a problem can be the result of a hardware failure, causing an unreadable sector to be returned, or logical data corruption in the file system.

It is important to understand that in both cases, it is a mistake to make repeated attempts at booting the server operating system, as further damage may result, causing the problem to become worse. You should not panic, instead powering the server down immediately before making use of our professional sever data recovery services.

Server Data Recovery

Any hard disk drive failure, hardware or logical, it is important to seek professional advice to avoid causing further damage to your server system. Many server systems are also purchased with service agreements, for which an engineer will be sent to determine any problem with your server system.

It is important to ensure that they do not make any attempts to recover data should the problem be the result of physical or logical damage to your hard disk drive. Most on-site engineers will give good advice, such as sending your failed hard disk drive for data recovery.

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