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Server Failure Due to Heat Damage

“Many thanks for returning our files quickly after our server crashed. It was important that the data was returned swifly, as many of our work was almost at a standstill.”

Alan Warrington, Bracknell

We received a server containing a pair of HGST hard disk drives from Bracknell at our offices in Oxford, one 2TB and the other 4TB. The drives were examined by our data recovery specialists revealing that a read/write head failure had occurred in the 2TB hard disk drive, while the controller board on 4TB drive had suffered a failure. These failures are consistent with the drives running for long periods of time at excessively high temperatures.

Our hardware data recovery engineers could overcome the failure on each both drive using spare parts. This allowed sector-by-sector image copies to be secured to our servers. The 4TB hard disk drive was successfully imaged without any errors, while the 2TB encountered approximately five thousand unreadable bad sectors during the imaging process.

When the images were analysed by our data recovery engineers, they found a single 2TB NTFS partitions on the 2TB hard disk drive and a single 4TB NTFS data volume on the second drive. A scan of the data on the 2TB drive revealed that the bad sectors on the had affected the Windows Server installation and some application files. The 2TB volume was found to contain approximately 1.1TB of files consisting of the system and application files along with many office documents, scanned images and accounting data. An analysis of the 4TB volume revealed it to contain approximately 2.1TB of files, which included several database files, the most important being an exchange database.

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