Emergency Server Recovery Services

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Server Data Recovery

Emergency server hard disk data recovery services is your best option during a critical server disaster. Company server failures can be very damaging as it affects your business operations and daily processes, costing hundreds if not thousands every hour, a reality DiskEng have seen many times over.

DiskEng server hard disk data recovery specialists have dealt with server disaster recovery plans hundreds of times over the years. Some of the worst have resulted from floods, fire damage and explosions. Recovering data from damage of this scale requires expert data recovery specialists.

Server Disaster Recovery

Company network administrators and IT managers have often regarded business data lost for ever despite best efforts to recover the data by IT support and maintenance companies. We have proven on many occasions this to be ineffective and have recovered data from company servers to their surprise!.

We have recovered server hard disk data from many forms of server disasters, here are just some of the problems we have successfully recovered data from otherwise written off company servers.

  • Server crash recovery
  • Server controller failure
  • Multiple server disk failure
  • Server data corruption
  • Server flood damage
  • Server fire damage
  • Server rebuild failure
  • Server RAID offline
  • Damaged file system
  • RAID parity damage
  • RAID XOR corruption

Server Data Recovery Help

Need server hard disk data recovery? No problem. Whether its a server storage fault or RAID file system damage we can still recover your data in full. For a complete data recovery solution speak to our server data recovery experts on 01865 469468 or submit the server data recovery quote form.

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