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RAID Server Failure

In a server environment the use of RAID arrays has been commonplace for a long time, but what has changed, it that they are now affordable for use in a small office as well as a large multinational corporation. There are many companies offering RAID solutions to suit the requirements for any data storage situation.

We trust are trusting RAID arrays to store ever increasing quantities of data, which if they should fail, can easily lead to a panic decision being made. Your actions when a failure occurs are critical to the safety of your data, as a wrong decision could result in a serious data loss, which may risk the future of the company. It is always best to leave RAID server data recovery to the experts, as a rash attempt to recovery the data yourself, may be disastrous.

RAID Failure Mechanisms

A RAID array consists of many components, all critical to the smooth running of the system, and a problem any single part, may cause the RAID to fail and go offline. A failure of the RAID array hardware, such as the power supply, back plane, cable or controller, should only be fixed by a qualified professional who will ensure that no risks are taken.

The most common failure mechanisms in a RAID array are a problem with the hard disk drives or a logical corruption of critical system metadata structures. If this is the case, you should power down the RAID array, and contact a professional RAID server recovery service, who will ensure that you do not risk any further damage to your critical data files.

Beware of Quick Fixes

It is human nature to look for a quick fix to a problem, but when a RAID server fails, there are rarely any simple solutions. If the RAID array goes offline after attempting a rebuild, no further attempts at swapping drives should be made, as this could seriously compromise your data, and result in the loss of your files.

We have seen RAID arrays arrive where attempts have been made to force the RAID array back online, through reinitialising, further rebuild attempts, which have always resulted in making the data recovery process more complex than it should have been. In the worst cases it can lead to a catastrophic loss of data.

RAID Server Data Recovery

RAID server data recovery is a complex process, without making rash attempts to fix the problem which could increase the complexity or in the worst case make a recovery of your data files impossible. It is important that our RAID server recovery specialists have a full understanding of both RAID configurations as well as file system data structures.

If you RAID server system failures, you should not panic and make a rash decision. The correct course of action is to contact RAID server recovery specialists, such as DiskEng, who have the experience and detailed knowledge required to recover your files from even the most complex RAID array systems.

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