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RAID 0 Server Failure

“One afternoon we started receiving errors when accessing our shared file server, which failed before we could back the data up. Many thanks for restoring our important data.”

Alex Hitchman, company withheld, Newbury

We received four 1TB Seagate hard disks drive from Newbury at our laboratory in Oxford. An examination of the drives by our hardware specialists found the drives to be operational. While securing sector by sector image copies of the drive, three of the disks were found to be suffering some unreadable bad sectors, several thousand in each case.

An analysis of the images secured of the drives revealed a RAID 0 configuration containing a single XFS data partition of 3.8TB. Unfortunately with the server configured in a RAID 0 configuration with no parity data, any unreadable bad sector has the potential to damage the underlying file system or data. One particular area which had been damaged was the root inode, which had caused the file server to fail and go offline.

Our RAID server recovery specialists analysed the file system creating a virtual RAID area. A detailed scan of the RAID array was able to overcome most of the damage caused by the unreadable bad sector. We were able to recover approximately 2.2TB of data from the XFS partition with only a small number of directory names missing and about a dozen damaged files which contained bad sectors.

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