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Overheated Server Failure

“Huge thank you for saving the day when our server crashed. Without this data we had an office of people unable to work properly.”

Richard Wallis, WBV Technology, Wolverhampton

A server containing two Western Digital hard disk drives arrived from Wolverhampton at our offices in Oxford, one 2TB the other 4TB. An examination of the drives revealed that the 2TB hard disk drive had suffered a read/write head failure, while the 4TB drive had suffered a failure of the controller board. Both of these failures were most likely due to the drives running at too high a temperature.

Our hardware engineers were able to overcome the failures on both drives, allowing sector-by-sector image copies to be secured. The 4TB hard disk drive was imaged with no errors, but the 2TB had suffered approximately a thousand unreadable bad sectors.

An analysis of the images found two 1TB NTFS partitions on the 2TB hard disk drive and a single 4TB NTFS data volume on the second drive. Fortunately the bad sectors on the first disk only affected the Windows Server boot volume, containing 350GB of system and application files. The second volume on the 1TB drive contained approximately 500GB of files and documents. The 4TB volume contained approximately 2.5TB of files including several database files.

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