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Failed Server and Backup

“When our server failed we went to our backup tapes, but found that for the last two weeks no files had been written to tape. After an engineer visit DiskEng were recommended to us, who have done a great job in recovering the files which were created and modified over the last two weeks.”

Jacqui Emsworth, Manchester

We received a 3TB Seagate hard disk drive from Manchester at our laboratory in Oxford. Our hardware specialists examined the drive which revealed a failure on the controller of the firmware chip. Our hard data recovery engineers were able to overcome the problem by user a modified donor controller board.

Our data recovery engineers were then able to secure a sector-by-sector image of the hard disk drive. Two unreadable bad sectors were encountered during the imaging process.

Our data recovery specialists examined the secured image of the disk upon which they located two partitions a 500GB NTFS system volume containing approximately 250GB of files, consisting mostly of the Windows operating system and program files. The second partition was a 2.5TB data volume which contained approximately 1.7TB of data, consisting of office documents, photos, scanned images, video presentations and other assorted user files. Although the bad sectors affected a couple of user files, these were files which not been created or modified since the last successful backup, therefore making the damage unimportant.

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