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Failed Mac OSX Server

“We had a large amount of critical data on Mac OSX server. When it failed we contacted DiskEng. There was a minimum of fuss with excellent service with my data returned within two days. I cannot thank you enough for your speedy, friendly and efficient service.”

Vince Aldred, Withheld company name, Oxford

We received a 3TB Western Digital hard disk drive our laboratory facilities in Oxford. The drive was examined by our hardware engineers that revealed a failure of the controller board due to component failure. This failure was most likely due to the drive running under conditions which were too hot.

The necessary repairs were made by our hardware engineers, allowing them to secure a sector-by-sector image copy of the drive. The 3TB hard disk drive was imaged without encountering any unreadable bad sectors.

The secured image was analysed by our data recovery engineers revealing a single 3TB HFS Plus data volume. The volume was found to contain approximately 1.9TB of data, including operating system files, applications and user data. Due to the failure occurring while the server was running, a couple of temporary files had been damaged.

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