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Customer Reviews

  • Server Failure Due to Heat Damage November 25, 2016

    “Many thanks for returning our files quickly after our server crashed. It was important that the data was returned swifly, as many of our work was almost at a standstill.”

    Alan Warrington, Bracknell Read more

  • Windows Server Failure October 5, 2016

    “Extremely glad to get our data back. Many thanks. We were almost literally at a standstill without access to our server, as most of our important documents and data were contained on it.”

    Ben Stone, Reading Read more

  • Failed RAID 1 Array September 7, 2016

    “Our servers RAID array reported an error, so we called an engineer who attempted to do what he called remirroring, but it failed taking it down. He recommended DiskEng to us, who did an excellent job returning our data swiftly. Many thanks.”

    Colin Henson, London Read more

  • SSD Server Drive Recovery August 19, 2016

    “Thanks for recovering a couple of extremely important databases from the SSD boot drive of our server, which hadn’t been backed up. Following a power cut we found our UPS did not work and the server would not boot afterwards. Without the databases we have been unable to produce any invoices.”

    D Shaw, Birmingham Read more

  • Linux Server Physically Attacked August 2, 2016

    “While showing an interviewee around our office, he suddenly pushed our server onto the floor, causing an immediately failure. A big thank you for retreving our data following such a shocking incident.”

    D Smith, company confidential, West London Read more

  • Server Volume Upgrade Mistake July 13, 2016

    “When one of our data volumes was reformatted during a weekend server upgrade, it created a serious panic. A huge thank you for returning our files, without which our work ground to halt.”

    Ed Goldsmith, Staines Read more

  • Failed Windows File Server June 27, 2016

    “Our current production work is stored on one of our Windows servers before transfer to backup and off-site archive. We need to review our procedure after the disk containing the data failed to mount after rebooting the server, leaving our office at a standstill. Many thanks for the swift work in recovering our data for us.”

    Keith Malden, company name withheld, Manchester Read more

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