Emergency Server Recovery Services

24 Hour Server Recovery Helpline Tel: +44 (0)1865 469468

Emergency Help

Your server has failed and users have no access to data, what now?

No access to emails and user accounts can have damaging effects on a company operation. Lost hours can quickly cost hundreds even thousands. Crises like this need emergency server recovery services.

Contact us now and avoid support contractors that may cause further damage when trial and error attempts fail. For guaranteed results and emergency response follow these guides;

  1. Safely shut down the main server including all storage arrays
  2. Call DiskEng customer services for your unique job number
  3. Carefully label every server disk in order and remove for despatch
  4. Package every server disk individually into anti-static bags
  5. Securely package the server disks into well foamed packaging
  6. We recommend delivering the server disks personally to our server recovery facilities or if not possible send only using insured courier services.

Emergency Server Recovery Help

For emergency server data recovery response contact us on 01865 469468 or alternatively complete our online server recovery quote form.

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