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Data Recovery

Data recovery and server data recovery is a combination of techniques used to salvage and recover data from RAID storage and server storage systems. Data recovery is required to repair and restore normal access to failed or crashed file servers where data has become in accessible.

Lost data can be recovered from crashed or corrupt mail servers, application servers, file servers, RAID arrays and server storage systems onto new storage media for immediate access to data.

Server Storage Recovery

  • Server system crash
  • Server boot failure
  • Server array failure
  • Server disk offline
  • RAID disk recovery
  • RAID controller card fault
  • RAID array recovery
  • RAID server down
  • RAID hard disk offline
  • RAID partition recovery
  • Server rebuild or restore fail
  • Server disaster recovery
  • Corrupt disk array
  • Corrupt storage array
  • Corrupt partition recovery
  • Corrupt RAID volume configuration
  • Disk volume offline
  • Exchange server EDB recovery
  • SQL MDF corruption
  • SQL backup logs corrupt
  • SQL database failure
  • SNAP server NAS recovery
  • SNAP Server OS damage

Data Recovery Help

Lost data or Server down? If you need immediate access to your server data contact our data recovery experts today 24 hours on 01865 469468 or complete our free data recovery quote form.

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