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“Following the weekend we arrived to find our server was dead. After replacing the power supply it would boot, but the main data volumes were not found. An engineer recommended DiskEng to us. Thanks for the hard work in getting us back up and running again.”

David Collingsworth, Withheld company name, London

A pair of HGST hard disk drives arrived from London at our offices in Oxford, both 4TB in size. An examination of the drives revealed that both had suffered damage, one with a failed power regulator, the other a failure of the read/write head stack. Both of these failures were most likely due to a power surge occurring while the server was operating.

Our hardware engineers were able to affect repairs on both drives, allowing sector-by-sector image copies to be secured. One 4TB hard disk drive was imaged with no errors, while the other which had the read/write head failure suffered several thousand unreadable bad sectors.

Both images were analysed revealing that each contained a single 4TB XFS data volume. The image with no unreadable bad sectors was found to contain an assortment of user files of approximately 1.2TB, consisting mainly of office documents, images, photos and presentation files. The other volume contained mostly video presentation files and a couple of databases approximately 2.5TB in total. Despite the unreadable bad sectors, only one of the video files had suffered any damage, fortunately a file for which a backup existed.

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