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Avoid Making the Situation Worse

If your server stops working, it can be tempting to find a way of fixing the problem before asking for help. Random crashes although rare on server systems, can occur due a failure of component, which may be temporarily fixed by rebooting the computer. Such issues should not be ignored, as there could be an underlying issue, particularly if such an occurrence is regular. A problem caused by a hard disk drive issue, it will inevitably become worse, which could lead to serious damage being done.

Should your server fail to boot up, you should not panic, instead remain calm in order to carefully assess your options. You should not make repeated attempts to boot your server, especially if there are any unusual noises coming from it, as these are often due to a hard disk drive issue, which will likely become worse which could lead to a total loss of data. Your best choice of action is to contact a data recovery company for guidance on receiving help with recovering your data.

Common Problem

Corruption to sectors at the start of the disk, including the partition table or volume boot sector is a common problem, which will cause the volume to be inaccessible. If this occurs the operating system will, either not be found or a dialog box may be displayed asking the user to format the disk. In this situation you should carefully consider your options and avoid panicking as that may lead to a rash decision.

You should not consider allowing a friend or a colleague who say they can help, to look at the server. You should also avoid running any software yourself, as it could make the problem worse. It may be possible to fix an issue caused by malware, but when a physical problem has occurred to the disk drive, any work undertaken on the disk risks causing further damage.

Never Tell Lies

If you have attempted to fix a problem with your server or caused the failure it can be embarrassing to tell anyone, but for the purposes of data recovery, this knowledge could be key. Any steps taken to rectify the problem and the sequence of events which occurred before the issue may be extremely useful to our server data recovery specialists. It can be used to determine the best solution to be used when recovering data from your storage device.

It is not uncommon for the truth to be withheld for fear that the boss will find out the real cause of the failure. By not telling the truth to our data recovery engineers about everything which occurred, it could lead to valuable time being wasted. This is of particular importance for a server, such liquid being split which has infiltrated the system.

Avoid Digging a Hole

There is the well-known phrase “when in a hole, stop digging” which is particularly apt for any data storage devices following the occurrence of a failure. If you do not understand the nature of the failure, it is almost impossible to determine what your best course of action should be, and any remedial action could make the problem worse. Always take time to think the situation through before making any decisions. This should avoid the situation being made worse, and improve the chances of successful data recovery from your server.

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